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Skiptooth bicycle painting Cynthia Meyer

Rusty Survivor  30″ x 48″

Vintage orange bicycle painting

Orange Typhoon  30″ x 40″ 

Stingray banana seat.

Yellow Stingray  30″ x 40″ 

Schwinn Stardust blue banana seat painting

Stardust  36″ x 36″

Atala touring bicycle painting.

Porteur On The Porch  30″ x 40″

A painting of an old beach hotel in California with a bicycle

Miramar Court, Pismo Beach 36″x36″

A painting of a vintage red tricycle

Happy Tricycle 36″ x 36″

A painting of a rusty vintage girls bicycle

A Bike Called Sally. 5′x4′

A painting of a rusty skip tooth bike

Eric’s Bike 36″x24″

A painting of a red and blue vintage girls bicycle yellow wall

Happy Girl’s Bike 30″x24″




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