Vintage drag racing

These paintings are done from a set of slides my Dad, Don Cudworth, took back in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s. He and his friends traveled out to the Regional Drags in Inyo Kern, California. Except for a little cropping here and there, the images are all as Dad shot them.

If you are interested in a painting, please click here to contact me.

A painting of a car crash in the desert in the 1950's

Trailer Wreck 48″x24″

A painting of old cars at the drag races

Waiting For The Next Race, Inyo Kern 48″x30″

A painting of a vintage race car Inyo Kern

Open Fuel Drags, Inyo Kern 60″x48″

A painting of vintage hot rods in the desert California

Weber Cams, Inyo Kern 60″x48″

A painting of vintage drag racing at the Santa Maria airport California

Motor Monarchs, Santa Maria 60″x48″   To read more about this painting, click here.

A painting of vintage motorcycle racing California

Harley Springer, Santa Maria Airport 60″x48″




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