Come to the show!

Cynthia Meyer art show announcement Cambria 2012

Cynthia Meyer art show detail Cambria 2012

Come see my show at Deer Run Art and Artifacts (in The Garden Shed) in Cambria (map).

The Cambria Art and Wine Festival takes place the first weekend of the show: January 27th through Sunday the 29th. I’ll be there on Saturday January 28th from 2 to 4. Stop by, see the paintings, and share a glass of wine!

These are the paintings that will be on display:

Painting of Mid Century liquor store San Luis Obispo

Manuel’s Liquor  24 x 48

A painting of a dog at the beach

Water Dog  15 x 60


Blue House, Johnson Street  24 x 24

Painting of Carmel Beach, California

Carmel Fog  15 x 60

A painting of a white cottage with red flowers

High Street Poinsettias  24 x 36

A painting of a vintage red tricycle

Happy Tricycle  36 x 36

A painting of an old jeep at Santa Margarita Ranch California

Jeepster, Santa Margarita  36 x36

A painting of a green and red cottage San Luis Obispo

Turquoise and Red House  24 x 36

A painting of the Kayak Shack Morro Bay marina

Sober Boaters  15 x 30

A painting of a white cottage with pink shutters

Lilac House  30 x 40

A painting of a California rancho water tower

Tower, Santa Margarita Ranch  30 x 40

A painting Mid Century Modern pink hotel Pismo Beach California

Morning at the Edgewater  30 x 40





2 replies to “Come to the show!

  1. Cynthia, I only wish I could go back home and check out your art show! I am totally stuck up here in Weed, and no longer even have a car. I love your art, and I am especially excited to see the Manual’s Liquor painting, as I have not seen that one before! My old neighborhood, God how I miss it!

  2. In case you didn’t know, you rock! Awesome paintings, Cynthia. Absolutely love Sober Boaters. Laurie

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