About me

Cynthia Meyer WordPress

I’m an artist living in Central California.

I attended design school here, and married a nice skater boy who was in my class.


In the ’80’s.


Over the years I had fun helping him with his creative projects:


A little shoe company




A lot of houses remodeled



and endless bicycles and old cars in the shop.



But now, oil painting is my passion.

But now, oil painting is my passion.


A painting of a red and blue vintage girls bicycle yellow wall

The first old bike leaning against the garage hooked me.

I loved the bright colors in the afternoon light, purple shadows stretching long on the gravel.

I snapped a picture and bought some paints. So began my addiction.


My studio is a converted one car garage, with salvaged windows and skylights.



A painting of a white cat in the window

It’s quiet here, and kitties like to visit.




I paint with oils, using a variety of haphazard brushes. No particular technique, just whatever works best.

There’s nothing more fun than spending the day with color!





I paint the things that make me happy: porches, bicycles, blue skies, old cars.

I hope you find something in my work that makes you smile too.

Thank you for visiting!


Contact me here.

You can learn more about my wonderful husband Eric here.


6 replies to “About me

  1. I just heard on the radio this week that the gentleman responsible for designing the Schwinn Stingray, Albert Fritz, passed away last week. He was in his 80’s. The company was skeptical about its impact on the bike riding youth, but the rest is history. I saved my lunch money for months to buy mine in 1966. Purple!

    I have always loved your work and your painting of the Stingray conjured up fond memories of the hours spent on that bike being free. Thank you Cynthia and Albert.


  2. Hi Mike,

    Albert Fritz must have been a very cool fellow! Not many adults would have noticed kids were modifying their bikes, and been crazy enough to chase the trend back in the conservative ’60’s.

    So glad you like my work!

  3. When my oldest son was a toddler, I embroidered a pair of blue sneakers (toddler size) for him. This painting reminds me that my son is now all grown up and wearing Converses instead of Keds. Love your work.

  4. I was just killing time browsing online tonight and came across a couple of your images on Pinterest. I love your choice of colors and subject matter. The images are so wonderful, they remind me of a simpler time, the blissful time of my youth….thank you.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments, Glenn! Glad you like my work. We can all use some time off from reality lately, for sure! Stay safe and stay well.

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