The entire portfolio

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Santa Barbara Mission At Night  36 x 36




Red Poppies  12 x 12




Carmel Sunset  18 x 36





Quiet Spot In The Garden  24 x 24




Cycle Touring San Luis Obispo  24 x 36




Turquoise Beetle  24 x 24





Fishing At Pirates Cove  24 x 30





Mobile Horse In The Garden  36 x 36




Wisteria Westy  36″ x 36″



Hike To The Bench, Fiscalini Preserve, Cambria  20 x 60



Parrot Tulips  18 x 36



Boys On The Rock, Stewart’s Cove, Carmel  36 x 36



Charlie Loves The Orange Bowl  12 x 12



Pink Wingtips  24 x 24



Swing In The Tulip Tree, San Luis Obispo  36 x 36



Pink Orchids and Red Chinese Box  30 x 48


Paul’s Dry Cleaners   18″ x 36″ Pink-tulips-painting-Meyer

Ten ’til Two  30″ x 40″ Orange-tabby-cat-painting

Cat Nap  24″ x 36″


Upwelling  48″ x 48″





Cliff House, Pismo Beach, California  20″ x 60″


Green Oriental Roof  18″ x 36″ Skiptooth bicycle painting Cynthia Meyer

Rusty Survivor  30″ x 48″

Vintage orange bicycle painting

Orange Typhoon  30″ x 40″

Stingray banana seat.

Yellow Stingray  30″ x 40″

Schwinn Stardust blue banana seat painting

Stardust  36″ x 36″

Atala touring bicycle painting.

Porteur On The Porch  30″ x 40″

Painting of Mid Century liquor store San Luis Obispo

Manuel’s Liquor  24 x 48

A painting of a dog at the beach

Water Dog  15 x 60


Blue House, Johnson Street  24 x 24

Painting of Carmel Beach, California

Carmel Fog  15 x 60

A painting of a vintage red tricycle

Happy Tricycle  36″ x 36″

Vintage blue balloon tire bicycle

Eric’s Skiptooth  30″ x 48″

A painting of a vintage 3 speed bicycle with panniers

Sears From Austria  30″ x 48″

A painting of a bicycle shop in San Luis Obispo

Flanders Bicycle  30″ x 40″

Morning urban cyclist painting

Morning Commute  24″ x 24″

Painting of a blue vintage bicycle with an old Land Rover

Mixte and Rover 36″ x 36″

A painting of a California Chinatown building with green shutters

Ah Louis Store, San Luis Obispo  36″x36″

A painting of pink flowers by Cynthia Meyer

Summer Hollyhocks 30″ x 40″

A painting of a 1952 Land Rover Hemmingway

Gerald’s Rover 30″ x 40″
A painting Mid Century Modern pink hotel Pismo Beach California

Morning at the Edgewater  30 x 40

A painting of an old jeep at Santa Margarita Ranch California

Jeepster, Santa Margarita   36″x36″

A painting of the Kayak Shack Morro Bay marina

Sober Boaters  30″ x 15″  

A painting of red flowers in front of an old house San Luis Obispo

Red Poppies, Pismo Street 30″ x 40″

A painting of a spanish revival filling station Santa Barbara

Barnsdall Oil, Goleta 36″x48″

A painting of a California rancho water tower

Tower, Santa Margarita Ranch 30″x 40″

A painting of the old school by Hearst Castle

San Simeon Schoolhouse 24″x12″


Griffith Observatory at Night 33″x27″

A painting of the sunset on the stacks Morro Bay

Power Plant, Morro Bay 36″x36″

A painting of the old feed store Templeton California

Templeton Feed and Grain 40″ x 30″

A painting of the bell tower California mission

San Juan Batista Mission 30″x48″

A painting of a pink Deco florist shop

Victor The Florist, Santa Barbara 24″x30″

A painting of a tiny deco beach rental California

Pismo Motel 30″x24″

A painting of an old building with a canary island palm San Luis Obispo

Palm Apartments, San Luis Obispo 24″x30″

A painting of an old beach hotel in California with a bicycle

Miramar Court, Pismo Beach 36″x36″

A painting of a rusty vintage girls bicycle

A Bike Called Sally. 5′x4′

A painting of a rusty skip tooth bike

Eric’s Bike 36″x24″

A painting of a red and blue vintage girls bicycle yellow wall

Happy Girl’s Bike 30″x24″


Blue House, Johnson Avenue   24″ x 24″

A painting of a little white house with big cypress trees California

Cypress House, Los Osos  36″x18″

A painting of a green and red cottage San Luis Obispo

Turquoise and Red House, Buchon Street   36″x24″

A painting of a red bungalow San Luis Obispo

Red House, Pismo Street. 48″x30″

A painting of a turquoise California bungalow with a dog walker

Turquoise House, Toro St. 36″x24″

A painting of a pink house California

Pink House, Cayucos 48″x24″

A painting of a house on the cliff California

Last House in Cayucos 30″x24″

A painting of a white cottage with red flowers

High Street Poinsettias 36″x24″

A painting of a white cottage with pink shutters

Lilac House, Buchon Street 48″x30″

A painting of an old porch California

Red Porch, Mendocino 20″x24″

A painting of an white wooden house San Luis Obispo

White House, Chorro Street 48“x36″

A painting of a cat and bird and deco dinette set

Lunchtime, Cat and Bird 30″x48″

A painting of crows and purple shadows Penny Lane

Crows, Penny Lane 36″x18″

A painting of a white cat in the window

Peeping Tom 24″ x 24″  

A painting of a rabbit as a jack in the box

Br’er Rabbit-in-the-Box   20″ x 24″

A painting of crows in a winter tree

Crows and Persimmons 24″x24″

A painting of a French Deco chair with bookshelves

Library Chair 24″x24″

A painting of a car crash in the desert in the 1950's

Trailer Wreck 48″x24″

A painting of old cars at the drag races

Waiting For The Next Race, Inyo Kern 48″x30″

A painting of a vintage race car Inyo Kern

Open Fuel Drags, Inyo Kern 60″x48″

A painting of vintage hot rods in the desert California

Weber Cams, Inyo Kern 60″x48″

A painting of vintage drag racing at the Santa Maria airport California

Motor Monarchs, Santa Maria 60″x48″  To read more about this painting, click here.

A painting of vintage motorcycle racing California

Harley Springer, Santa Maria Airport 60″x48″

A painting of the trees and bench California hike

East West Ranch, Cambria  36″x36″

A painting of an old bridge and trees northern California

Fort Bragg, California 20″x9″

A painting of tourists at Old Faithful in the 50s

Old Faithful, Yosemite 15×30″

A painting of a cypress grove and hillside

Peaceful Trees, Northern California 30″x40″

A painting of the Morro Bay marina and the rock

Morro Rock, Morro Bay 15″x30″

A painting of the eighth hole at Dairy Creek San Luis Obispo

8th Hole, Dairy Creek Golf Course  24″ x 20″

A painting of Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Sneakers 24″x24″

A painting of green and blue liquid

Water 20″x16″

A painting of coral datura by Cynthia Meyer

Datura (Angel Trumpets)  30″x40″

A painting of yellow tulips in a blue and white vase

Tulips and Blue Willow 30″x24″

10 thoughts on “The entire portfolio”

  1. Cynthia, we purchased The Jeepster painting this weekend from Leslie.

    Let us know if you are showing any where else.
    We love our painting!
    Looking forward to one day meeting you,
    Kim and Ric Mejia

  2. cynthiameyerart said:

    Awesome! Thank you! Glad it’s going to a good home!
    Next show’s coming up in early October, during the Plein Aire Festival in San Luis Obispo. Check back with the web site in Fall for details! See you then? Cynthia

  3. Dee Mc Donough said:

    Any possibility that you will be showing in the SF Bay ARea in 2013? I love your work.

  4. Dee Mc Donough said:

    Also, do you have prints of your work for purchase. I loved many in your portfolio but they were already sold (i.e., Tulips & Blue Willow and Datura).

  5. cynthiameyerart said:

    Hi Dee,
    I’m staying pretty local lately. No plans for SF so far, but you never know…

  6. cynthiameyerart said:

    Sadly, the two paintings you’re interested in were never photographed. I’ve been better about archiving my recent work though, and can make prints of some pieces. Just let me know if something else strikes your fancy.

  7. Cynthia, great body of work! I really liked the bungalow paintings. I’m sorry I can’t be there for the Open Studios Art Tour. I still have family up there, so I’ll time it better for next year. I particularly liked Trailer Wreck it captures the desert highways real well. However, your paintings remind me so much of why SLO is a wonderful place to live.

    SLO Class of 1977,


  8. cynthiameyerart said:

    Thanks, Bernie!
    Sorry you can’t live in SLO. I had to move away a few times over the years, for work. I think that’s why I appreciate the Central Coast so much now. (Growing up, I thought it was safe and BORING)!

  9. Mike Kennedy said:

    Great work! I love the “Open Fuel Drags” painting! Gotta love those old front engine dragsters.

  10. cynthiameyerart said:

    Thanks, Mike. It sure was an amazing era!

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