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Bicycle art show Cynthia Meyer

Come see my new show at The San Luis Obispo Museum Of Art.

This collection is all about bicycles: everything from your grandpa’s skiptooth to stingrays and more modern frames.

The show runs April 5th through April 28th. I’ll be there Friday April 5th from 6 to 9, during Art After Dark. Stop by, see the paintings, and share a glass of wine!

1010 Broad Street (on the west end of the Mission Plaza),
San Luis Obispo  (map)
These are the paintings that are on display. If you are interested in a painting, please click here to contact me.
Skiptooth bicycle painting Cynthia Meyer
Rusty Survivor  30 x 48  
A lovely turquoise balloon tire bicycle, showing years of wear.
Vintage orange bicycle painting
Orange Typhoon  30 x 40
A vintage Schwinn Typhoon bicycle, in front of my Mom’s hydrangeas.
Stingray banana seat.
Yellow Stingray  30 x 40 
A vintage Schwinn Lemon Peeler bicycle in front of old deco apartments.
Schwinn Stardust blue banana seat painting
Stardust  36 x 36 
A blue Schwinn Stardust bike on the lawn.
Atala touring bicycle painting.
Porteur On The Porch  30 x 40 
My husband’s orange Atala touring bicycle, on the front porch.
A painting of a vintage red tricycle
Happy Tricycle  36 x 36 
A vintage red tricycle on the front lawn. It must be nap time.
Vintage blue balloon tire bicycle
Eric’s Skiptooth  30 x 48 
A nice blue balloon tire bicycle with leather panniers.
A painting of a vintage 3 speed bicycle with panniers
Sears From Austria  30 x 48 
A great three speed bike with vintage vinyl panniers.
A painting of a bicycle shop in San Luis Obispo
Flanders Bicycle  30 x 40 
The local bike shop in San Luis Obispo.
Morning urban cyclist painting
Morning Commute  24 x 24 
Cycling past the trailer park in San Luis Obispo.
Painting of a blue vintage bicycle with an old Land Rover
Mixte and Rover  36 x 36 
My blue mixte bike with Eric’s Dad’s 1952 Land Rover.