Bungalows and cottages

When I started to paint, houses were my first love. I chose the quiet ones, the ones that hadn’t been repainted or restored. I liked it when there was no date attached. 

Timeless, peaceful, sunny Old California.

People say that these paintings remind them of their Grandma’s house, or a place they stayed when they were kids. I think that’s what I’m reaching for… those Sunday afternoon places.

If you are interested in a painting, please click here to contact me.



Swing In The Tulip Tree, San Luis Obispo  36 x 36


Paul’s Dry Cleaners   18″ x 36″


Cliff House, Pismo Beach, California  20″ x 60″ Orientalist-bungalow-painting

Green Oriental Roof  18″ x 36″ 


Blue House, Johnson Avenue   24″ x 24″

A painting of red flowers in front of an old house San Luis Obispo

Red Poppies, Pismo Street 30″ x 40″

A painting of a little white house with big cypress trees California

Cypress House, Los Osos  36″x18″

A painting of a green and red cottage San Luis Obispo

Turquoise and Red House, Buchon Street   36″x24″

A painting of a red bungalow San Luis Obispo

Red House, Pismo Street. 48″x30″

A painting of a turquoise California bungalow with a dog walker

Turquoise House, Toro St. 36″x24″

A painting of a pink house California

Pink House, Cayucos 48″x24″

A painting of a house on the cliff California

Last House in Cayucos 30″x24″

A painting of a white cottage with red flowers

High Street Poinsettias 36″x24″

A painting of an old porch California

Red Porch, Mendocino 20″ x 24″

A painting of a white cottage with pink shutters

Lilac House, Islay Street 48″x30″

A painting of an white wooden house San Luis Obispo

White House, Chorro Street 48″x36″

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