Just what’s available

Here are all the paintings that are available at the present time

Unless otherwise specified, all canvases have 1.5 inch deep edges that are painted a dark navy color. This matches the deep shadow color I use in most paintings.

If you are interested in a painting, please click here to contact me.


Santa Barbara Mission At Night  36 x 36


Red Poppies  12 x 12


Carmel Sunset  18 x 36


Quiet Spot In The Garden  24 x 24


Fishing At Pirates Cove  24 x 30


Mobile Horse In The Garden  36 x 36


Hike To The Bench, Fiscalini Preserve, Cambria  20 x 60


Boys On The Rock, Stewart’s Cove, Carmel  36 x 36


Pink Wingtips  24 x 24


Cycle Touring San Luis Obispo  24 x 36


Swing In The Tulip Tree, San Luis Obispo  36 x 36


Pink Orchids and Red Chinese Box  30 x 48



Green Oriental Roof  18″ x 36″

Vintage orange bicycle painting

Orange Typhoon  30″ x 40″

Stingray banana seat.

Yellow Stingray  30″ x 40″

A painting of a vintage red tricycle

Happy Tricycle  36″ x 36″

Vintage blue balloon tire bicycle

Eric’s Skiptooth  30″ x 48″

A painting of a vintage 3 speed bicycle with panniers

Sears From Austria  30″ x 48″

A painting of a bicycle shop in San Luis Obispo

Flanders Bicycle  30″ x 40″

A painting of a dog at the beach

Water Dog  15″ x 60″


Blue House, Johnson Avenue   24″ x 24″
A painting of pink flowers by Cynthia Meyer
Summer hollyhocks 30″ x 40″
A painting of an white wooden house San Luis Obispo

White House, Chorro Street 48“x 36″

A painting of a white cottage with pink shutters

Lilac House, Islay Street 48″x30″

A painting of old cars at the drag races

Waiting For The Next Race, Inyo Kern 48″x30″  Vintage Drag Racing Series

A painting of vintage drag racing at the Santa Maria airport California

Motor Monarchs, Santa Maria 60″x48″  To read more about this painting, click hereVintage Drag Racing Series


4 thoughts on “Just what’s available”

  1. Sue Barnett said:

    Omgoodness! I love the new painting of the house on Pismo. It is so beautiful!!!

    Your old aunt Sue

  2. cynthiameyerart said:

    My best, coolest, youngest, prettiest aunt! Thanks!

  3. Robin Aylor said:

    Love your paintings! I had a copy of the Happy Tricycle on my FB page with all of my friends helping me search for you! Would love to see more of your work!


  4. Love your work. If you’re ever in KY, come see me!

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